I’m Just Going to Leave This Here . . .

In case any of you were wondering what was inside the wrapped presents my mother-in-law left behind for Christmas, well, I’m just going to leave this here:


Yes, it seems to be some kind of purse creature.

No, it is no longer breathing.

Yes, it has both black and brown carpeting.

No, I will not be wearing it.

Yes, I did throw it directly in the trash immediately after taking this picture.

No, I did not think it was an appropriate item to inflict upon the Good Will or the Salvation Army.

Maybe she knew I would die of laughter when I opened it? Maybe the laughter was the gift? Because the laughter was amazing.  I almost needed a cigarette after.

Until next time,




7 thoughts on “I’m Just Going to Leave This Here . . .

  1. This is hilarious!! I have to show my sis because she wants to be informed of all the awful presents you get over time. Do you think mil expects you will show up at her house sometime carrying that purse?? Lol!!! Is the carpet glued on or something?

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  2. Haha, I love how many people are invested in this 😊 And if that’s what MIL is expecting, well, she’s going to be disappointed. The carpet is most certainly glued on with some toxic substance that was probably banned sometime in the late 80s.


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