We Scarred Him For Life

So this is embarrassing.

Disclaimer:  Things are about to get real personal.

It was a Friday.  Hubby had a rare early exit from work, and so was miraculously home before nap time.  And you know, Spring was in the air, so things were feeling a little –shall we say — frisky? between Hubby and I as we started to get the kids ready to go down for the afternoon.

(Did I mention that this is embarrassing?)

So I rocked Ell-Bell into sweet dreamland.  Baby girl is a piece of cake to put to sleep these days, thank god.  Meanwhile, Hubby set K-Man up in his own room with some Paw Patrol.  (Little dude has “quiet time” because he officially really truly doesn’t nap anymore.  I don’t want to talk about it ok?)

When K-Man is in his room for quiet time, he almost never comes out.  I mean, he’s watching TV, so he’s pretty much dead to the world, right?

Which, I guess, is why Hubby and I felt ok about acting on our adult urges in that moment.  I gave him my “meet me in the bedroom” eyes and he certainly wasted no time in following my lead.  We’ve got two young kids and he works 80-hour weeks, he wasn’t about to say no to a little mid-day love sesh!

So there we were, getting pretty tangled up in the sheets — and holy cow my face is burning as I type this — when we heard a noise.  A very distinct noise.  The sound of K-Man’s door knob turning.

Did I mention the door to K-Man’s room is approximately two feet away from the door to our master suite?

K-Man yelled, “Hey mom and dad!” as he started to push open our door.  And at honest-to-god-super-hero-speed, Hubby jumped out of bed and threw our comforter over my entire naked body.  Covered me from head to toe in one fell swoop.  (Pretty talented, no?)

So yeah, my son walked in to our room and encountered … my Hubby … standing seemingly alone in our room … naked.

K-Man said, “I need to pee.”

“Um, okay.”  Hubby said back.

“I need help taking my pants off,” said K-Man.

“Um, okay.”  Hubby said again.

Hubby then proceeded to help K-Man take his pants off.  Because, you know, he needed to pee.  Even though every other day of the week he took his own damned pants off when he needed to pee.

“I’m just going to leave these here.” K-man said, gesturing to his pants as he threw them in a heap on our bedroom floor. (Why tho?)

“Okay.” – Hubby.

“I’m just going to close the door now.” – K-Man

“Okay.” – Hubby.

And then K-Man disappeared back into the obscurity of his own Paw-Patrolled room.

So yeah, that happened.

He’s only three, and I don’t even know if he knew I was in the room.  But he was super awkward and insisted on closing the door when he left.  So maybe he felt a weird vibe.

I actually still remember walking in on my parents having sex during nap time when I was 3 or 4.  So that’s good news, right?

Did we scar him for life?

Until next time,




6 thoughts on “We Scarred Him For Life

  1. Hahahahahaha!!! I don’t ever remember walking in on my parents, but our house had a weird layout. We had to go through their room to get to ours. So we could hear everything in either room. (It was an OLD house with thin walls) so needless to say, there were many awkward times growing up!! 😳

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    1. Oh nooooo! That is super awkward. Lucky for me, I never had actual proof of my parents’ sexual activity after that time when I was 3 or 4 (except, of course, when they talked about it openly, which they did all the time because they apparently wanted us to be really messed up, haha!)


  2. kiwinadian

    LOL LOL LOL I’m so sorry about how hard I’m laughing at this! I feel for you. I really do! I would be soooo horrified! A few days from now he might say something about mommy and daddy wrestling naked! lol. Growing up I never heard my parents getting busy. Thank goodness. BUT, when they came to stay with me one Christmas, a few years ago, my mom arrived in town first and I set her up in the spare room next to mine. Then a week later my dad arrived. Needless to say…they were happy to see each other and I woke up to the sound of a bed creaking repeatedly. There was no questioning what they were doing. This was before texting was a thing, so I called my sister and was whispering about what I was hearing and we were both going “ewwwwwwwwwwww” over the phone. So I’m a little traumatized by that….but also kind of impressed that after 30 years of marriage they were still good to go lol.

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    1. Oh you can totally laugh, we did too! And yikes about hearing your parents rocking the bed while they were visiting your house, haha! I agree though, it’s nice to know that your parents still have it going on in that department 😊


  3. Hahahha sorry to laugh at your awkward situation but it’s pretty funny! I’m sure he will be fine, it’ll be a funny memory if he even understands what was happening. And I’m sure this happens so much but no one likes to talk about it.

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