#NaBloPoMo Day 16: I Keep Up with the Kardashians

It’s November 16th, which means we are officially more than halfway through NaBloPoMo.  Over the hump! And since we’re already heading downhill, today’s theme is Reality TV.  Whatever, you know you watch it.

Alright, this is the one where I lose you.  I’m just going to come out and say it.  I keep up with the Kardashians.

… Is anyone still there? No?

I wish I could help myself, but I can’t.  The whole family is just so fascinating to me.  I need to know what they’re wearing.  I need to know what they’re eating.  I need to know who they’re dating.  And if I have to wait another freaking day to find out if Khloe and Kylie are actually pregnant, I might die.

Am I alone in my obsession? Um, obviously not.  Millie Bobby Brown (of Stranger Things fame) is also into it.  And in case you’re thinking I have the same taste as a 13-year-old-girl, I’ll have you know that J-Law is a crazed fan too.  In fact, rumor has it her Kardashian obsession was the reason Chris Martin dumped her.  If that’s true, I might have to stop listening to Coldplay.

And don’t even come at me with the whole “they’re talent-less fame monsters” deal.  You won’t change my mind.  First, who says you have to be talented to be famous these days? (Have you even seen the Bachelor?)  And second, I actually do think the Kardashians are kind of talented.  They found a way to make millions by branding their personalities.  I wish I was that smart (and had a personality worth branding).

Anyway, in case you’re wondering (and you’re not, because you stopped reading and unfollowed my blog five paragraphs ago), I do enjoy some of the more respectable reality TV out there, too.

Like The Amazing Race.  I’ve watched all 29 seasons, and I could probably watch 29 more.  I fantasize about being a contestant someday, but I know Hubby and I would be that insufferable bickering couple that everybody is rooting against.

The Voice. I love it. Watching gets me all motivated to practice singing into my hand microphone in front of the bathroom mirror.

Before it was canceled, I was totally into the Biggest Loser, too.  No show has ever made me cry more.  I did feel like a bit of a hypocrite, though, as I usually watched with a trusty side of pizza and cupcakes.

And if we’re going way back, I used to be a total ANTM fanatic.  America’s Next Top Model?  But I have yet to perfect my smeyes.

What are your reality tv faves?  Share in the comments so I can get hooked too.  Must. watch. more. TV.

Until next time,