#NaBloPoMo, Here I Come

Is NaBloPoMo still a thing?  When I was blogging before, I was vaguely aware that in November, some bleeps (blog peeps, duh) participated in something called National Blog Posting Month, where the goal was to post a blog entry every single day.  After about about 5 minutes of Google searching, my impression is that NaBloPoMo is no longer hip or with it.  Or at the very least, no one is talking about it this year.  (Or everyone is talking about it and I’m really bad at Googling).  But I don’t care if I’m a few years late to the party.  I’m into it.  I hereby declare this November my NaBloPoMo.

And because I couldn’t find the sanctioned NaBloPoMo prompts for this year, I created my own list of daily themes that I plan to touch on.  If you’re some kind of genius (or entry-level internet user, whatever) who knows where the official list of prompts is, just maybe keep it to yourself rather than exposing my internet ineptitude, ok?

So my thirty days of NaBloPoMo themes are below.  I’m hoping they give me the opportunity to write about some things on my mind, and maybe tell you a little bit more about myself.  And while I’m a lawyer by trade, intellectual property law is not my specialty, so these babies are absolutely not copyrighted.  Feel free to borrow any or all themes if you’ve got the NaBloPoMo bug, too

Drum roll, please…

  1. Married Life
  2. Ex-Boyfriends/Ex-Girlfriends
  3. Career
  4. Embarrassing
  5. Jealousy
  6. Birthdays
  7. In-laws
  8. Police Encounters
  9. High School
  10. Fathers
  11. Veterans
  12. Photograph
  13. Superstition
  14. Money
  15. Frenemy
  16. Reality TV
  17. Sports
  18. Discipline
  19. Injury
  20. Pets
  21. Proposal
  22. Visitors
  23. Thankful
  24. Shopping
  25. Diet
  26. Dream House
  27. Christmas
  28. Charity
  29. Hair
  30. Books

November is coming, my friends.  And it’s the most wonderful month of the year. (Except for December, of course).

Until next time,


29 thoughts on “#NaBloPoMo, Here I Come

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