Shout out to Single Moms on the Weekend

I. Am. Exhausted.

I feel like I have been mom-ing non-stop for ages without a break.  Well duh, why would there be a break?  But you guys, it’s just been really hard mom-ing.

For whatever reason, K-Man and Ell-Bell were both in a really bad mood for like, a month?

And then I took the kids to Missouri by myself for a few days, which was not nearly the catastrophe that Oregon was, thank goodness.  But still, being solely responsible for two kids while traveling is maybe the most draining thing I can imagine.  It took a full week to recover.

We returned from Missouri to … an empty house.  Hubby has basically been MIA these past two weeks, working the most horrendous schedule his chief residents could dream up.  6 days on, 1 day off.  6 days on, 1 day off.  Of course, the 6 days on are all night shifts, so I’m on my own for bedtime every single night.  And the 1 day off is completely consumed by Hubby catching up on patient notes.

There’s this awful direct relationship between Hubby’s level of exhaustion and my level of exhaustion.  When he’s working a crazy schedule, it means I’m working a crazy schedule.  And we somehow have to find a way to squeeze both of our needs for free time into his paltry days off.

Boo you, residency.  I miss my husband.

But you know what I’m having a really hard time with?  It’s the fact that Hubby is always working on the weekend.  Saturday and Sunday.  Like, pretty much every single weekend.

It’s not just that I have to mom alone on the weekends.  It’s that I have to mom alone while the whole rest of the fucking world is out and about as a family.  Being all “look how cute we are as a family” while I am miserably carrying both kids in my arms through the mall because neither one of them wants to be put down.

Ugh.  Shout out to single moms on the weekend.

Until next time,




4 thoughts on “Shout out to Single Moms on the Weekend

  1. Oh no! I’m glad to hear at least that your second trip went better than the first. Do you know how long his schedule is going to be like this? Or better yet, when is his residency up? I’m sorry you’re having a rough, lonely time. Hopefully things start to improve soon!!

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    1. Thank you for your kind words! So he’s in his final week of year one out of three. There are easier and harder rotations so we get some relief here and there, but the second year is supposed to be the hardest so I’m bearing down 😋 I’m guessing (hoping) it will fly by though!


  2. I feel you–when Mr. MLACS was working up North 2 weeks on/2 weeks off, and even now when he has big ptojects at work. I dunno what your hubs is going to do, a girlfriend of mine is married to the head of trauma surgery at a big teaching hospital. Sometimes it will be so long before she posts a family pic with her husband that I will start to wonder if she’s divorced–then he’ll show to to something and I’m like “Oh, they still look happy”. I dunno how she does it, but I’m pretty sure it’s her fierce independence. And the financial freedom that a surgeon’s salary allows obviously doesn’t hurt, but she’s fairly conservative with spending except where her kids are concerned. XOXO

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    1. Ugh, I remember that for you — it’s the worst, isn’t it? Hubby is in emergency medicine, so a few less dollar bills than trauma surgery, but a little more free time. Things will get better when he finishes his residency, but I do feel like it’s excellent training in independence for me! Still, it’s nice to have our hubbies around sometimes, they can be good company 😋 (Although I do get to catch up on all of my horrible TV when he’s working in the evening).


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